Family is being surrounded by people who love you.

Family is traditions. Family is warmth. Family is being yourself. Family is unconditional love.

I'm sure a lot of you don't sit in a circle and play a game called Zummie Zummie with your family on holidays like my family does, right? (If you do, please invite me to the next gathering because I will kick all of your butts! JK, but... seriously.) It's a blessing we aren't all the same. If we were all the same, life would be quite a snore-fest... Zzzzz!

Your family has its own unique traditions, personalities, and bonds. With my mix of traditional & lifestyle approaches to photography, I help honor that uniqueness. I'm here to capture who your family truly is. If that requires me to put my camera down because your little one is becoming bashful, I'll do it. Patience is part of the experience. If that requires me to make toot noises, fall down, give high-fives, or be a complete goofball, I'll do it! Embarrassing myself to make a kid laugh is part of the experience.

Family sessions with me are similar to jazz music. I provide the sheet music to look at for structure, but the best moments are when the soloist improvises. Those are the moments with the real heart and soul.

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!! We spent over an hour pouring over them, giggling at some, smiling big at others! We are so thankful for your incredible talent! We will cherish these photos forever!"

- Sarah H.