Hey there, hi there, ho there!

I was born and raised in a little town in Iowa, right off of the banks of the Mississippi River. I wouldn’t trade the memories and friendships I formed there for the world.

I cherish my small-town upbringing. The people, the well-traveled gravel roads, the helpful smile in every aisle... It instilled in me a sense of community and longing for real relationships.

Have I always had this appreciation? If 16-year-old Stephanie were here to answer that right now, she would say, “Definitely not!” A recurring sentence that my parents heard was, “There’s never anything to do around here!” (Poor me, right?) When you’re a teenager in a small town, you either get creative or get in trouble (if you know, you know). My friends and I made YouYube videos (extra points to you if you can find our YouYube channel! Hint: it starts with a "D"), we created cool makeup looks before Instagram or TikTok existed, and we drove around for countless hours just taking photos with our handheld digital cameras, not a care in the world.

You guessed it, this is where my love for photography blossomed! Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because even though I’ve grown into a different version of myself since then, have experienced so many different things, have traveled all over, and have met amazing new people, my upbringing has a huge connection to what I value most in my adult life. It’s what I hope to carry into my business and with my clients. 

I believe in spending time with people, asking about their day, and finding out about their passions.

I believe that quicker isn’t always better. 

I believe that everything has a process. 

I believe that balance is key. 

I believe that people are not just numbers. 

I believe that small talk, which isn’t my favorite, actually leads to depth and meaningful discussions. To get to those conversations, you have to put the time and energy in; you have to genuinely care about the person.

Most of all, I believe that there are connections and beauty to be found no matter where you are or who you’re with.



Ebony & Trevor

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"To say that I loved every single photo is an understatement. All of the goofy ones, every single one of them. Both Trevor and I got emotional when we were going through them together. It was truly the very best day of our lives, and we're so glad that you captured every piece of it perfectly. THANK YOU!!""

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