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Your loved ones are your home.

On a daily basis, you pour yourself into the ones you love, putting time and effort into bettering the relationships you cherish the most. Your cup just doesn’t feel as full when you’re apart from them. You come home from a long day, and as you walk through that door, you let out a sigh of relief. You hear the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps or paws running to greet you, and the weight of the outside world melts away. Your cup brims over with feelings of warmth and connection. It’s one of the best feelings—all of the love.

That’s where it’s at, folks.


A safe haven. Your comfort. Your people.

Somewhere you can be yourself—where you are wanted, needed, important, and not just another number in this big world.

When it comes to capturing these special people in your life, whether it be the precious baby forming in your belly, your tiny minions that just won't stop growing (I swear they grow a foot overnight), or that faithful commitment you plan to make with your significant other, you want a photographer who pours into you like they would their

own family.

Hey there,

That photographer I mentioned above, the one who will pour into your session everything she has? That’s me.

My name is Stephanie Marie Wheelock. See that, we are already on a middle-name basis! Look at us, making those connections. High-five, Woogity! Woogity! Woogity!

Something I believe in wholeheartedly is community. Your community can be small, big, or just you and your cats (I won’t judge), but I know we aren’t placed on this Earth to enjoy life alone.

We can hike through a beautiful field of flowers for that epic shot, or stay home and dance around to "We Don't Talk about Bruno" for the 100th time just to make your child smile. Let’s start laughing, running, crying (parents of toddlers, I’m talking to you), and smiling together. I love coming alongside you and your community, exactly where you're at in life, to create images that become a part of your own personal storybook.

More about me

"The way you bring love to your work is so impressive. Everyone notices how much you care, not only for the work but for your subjects as well."

—Lynn T.